Protect your investment!
Reduce expenses! Film installed on your home you can save significantly
on energy costs, maintain a safer and more comfortable home as well as
reducing interior fading.

Comfort year-around, 99% UV protection
Up to 70% heat rejection, Protection from broken glass

Solar Guard Armorcoat installations on the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, FBI
Headquarters and U.S Department of Energy
Armorcoat Explosion Test (starts at 4:00 minutes
Solar Guard Armorcoat Testing Video
Department of Energy
Multiple US Government Facilites - Washington, DC
Solar Guard Armorcoat Video Miami Hurricane Testing starts at 4:50 minutes
Serving the Tampa, Brandon, Riverview and New Tampa area for
over 20 years.
Decorative Films For home and office.
NEW! Introducing Panorama Films
Let the light in and keep the heat out!
Hilite 70
Features high optical clarity with low reflectance for uncompromised
views while rejecting 55% of the total solar energy for high heat
rejection, keeping you more comfortable and lowering cooling expenses.
  • Avoid Deed Restriction Issues
  • Enjoy The View
  • Energy Saving
  • Elegant Appearance
Hilite 70 is not the only film for those wanting something darker for more
glare reduction and privacy.
Hilite 55, 40, 25, 15 - The film becomes darker as the number decreases.

Panorama 8 Mil Hilite
For extra security in a safety film. It provides the same exceptional solar
control, but retains broken glass shards whether broken accidentally by
your children, shattered by wind-driven debris in a storm, or broken
intentionally by a thief.
Standard Films For home and office.
Panorama Films
  • Hilite
  • Slate
Call today for more
Don't wait until the
storm is only days
away because the
film needs time to
dry and adhere to
the glass.
Security film does
not stop the glass
from being broken,
it helps to keep
broken glass from
coming into your
home or business.
In some cases we
are able to secure
it to the window
frame for additional

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Corning 995
Silicone Structural